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Training and Developing soccer players for Professional and Scholarship Opportunities!

Our South American and European training techniques concentrate on constant training and practicing with the ball.  As Diego stated in his interview with the Vaughan Citizen, what his soccer school will emphasis is "Everything with the ball."  Each of the Diego Maradona Soccer Academy drills are done with a soccer ball.

Playing professionally in Argentina and Spain and then later in Canada, Diego has seen the vast difference in training technique and player development.  Canada has a large number of great players with amazing potential but many of them get discouraged when they begin to play at higher levels or are brought to Europe or South America, as many Canadian camps and trainers do not prepare them for what they will experience.  Diego implements South American and European training in which he concentrates on players first touch, control, passing, shooting, etc. He teaches and explains to the players the whys and hows of their actions, so they are not simply doing what they are told but will be able to do it on their own when in a game situation. 

The majority of Diego's drills focus on individual improvement.  This ensures that players of different skill levels do not need to depend on eachother but only on themselves to improve.  Our sessions not only build skill but confidence and passion which is fundamental in soccer!

 Growing up in a soccer based family, soccer has been my entire life since birth. I have trained in Argentina, Canada and Spain. I strongly believe in the South American and Argentine soccer training techniques. They are the basis of every great Argentinian player, many of them which are dominating professional soccer; Messi, Aguero, Tevez, and of course the best player in the history of the game, MARADONA! Living in Canada we see the growing influence of Argentinian players who were trained and developed with the same techniques in Argentina. Through personal player assessment, an individual and group plan for improvement and a South American training curriculum each Maradona Academy player will see improvement. I plan to use this technique of development to improve your child’s touch, control, pass, shot, vision of the field, understanding of the game, overall confidence and passion!!!!  


At the Diego Maradona Soccer Academy we offer year round kids soccer training and programs for both the beginner and the competitive soccer player in Woodbridge and Vaughan. Our kids soccer programs range from ages 3-13 for both boys and girls.

Whether a beginner or a competitive soccer player, Diego takes the time to evaluate all Maradona Academy Players.  During our sessions Diego individually evaluates their strengths, areas for improvement and weaknesses.   

 First Touch 
Your first touch is something Diego places high importance on during our training. 

Every training session includes ball handling fundamentals.

Drills to concentrate on proper positioning and placement to improve a players shooting technique.

Players will leave with a better understanding of their position and how to be most effective in a game situation.

Ball Control
Diego's drills have players focus on remaining in control of the ball whether individually or as a team. 

 Throughout the next sessions Diego carefully plans his drills to ensure that areas each player needed to improve or strengthen are demonstrated, explained and practiced.  This is to ensure that our Maradona Academy Players receive the attention to detail, correction and carefully planned drills to leave a more well rounded and improved soccer player.   

What we offer

Kids Soccer Lessons/Programs:

All of our Soccer Programs both indoor soccer and outdoor soccer take place in Woodbridge and/or Vaughan.

January - April: 12 week Skill Training programs

March Break Camp

May - June; Spring Training 8 week program

July - August: Summer Camps

September - December: 12 week Skill Training program

Holiday Training Camp (December)

Year Round Private/Semi Private and Group Training

DMSA Team (Canadian Academy of Futbol league)

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