"Best trainer you will find for your child...dedicated to the game and talented.....loves what he does." - Boris 

"I would also like to send along some kind words and appreciation in how much Diego has helped both my sons especially in boosting their confidence. Both boys get so excited every Thursday knowing they are going to see Coach Diego.If anything at all Thank you Diego for simply putting a smile on my son's faces and Confidence in their hearts. I hope they continue to improve their skills and enjoy the wonderful game of soccer.    Once again THANK YOU from a Father! "


 "I have to say that my eight year old son looked forward to his weekly sessions at Diego’s Soccer Academy, Diego has great teaching abilities, he is able to motivate and teach students of all skill levels the very important aspects of ball control, touch and feel for the game, his drills were well thought out and with this he was able to build the students confidence and abilities throughout the program. I got a good sense of my son’s skills greatly improving as well as his enjoyment of the game which is important to me. I would recommend the Diego Maradona Soccer Academy to parents that would like to see their kids have fun, learn and improve on the important skills of soccer in a very friendly environment". - Anthony M. 

 “The trainer’s approach of positive encouragement made the extra training so enjoyable for all my children of different ages. I noticed not only overall development on ball handling but also the focus placed on individual weaknesses which boosted my son’s confidence making him a more well-rounded player on his team. It was a rewarding experience for me as a mom to not only see their respect for soccer increase, but also their passion for the sport.” - Lucia 

 "Julian's soccer skills have really improved since going to Diego M's skills camp. His control of the ball and positioning on the pitch has gotten a lot better. Diego is great with the kids and they really do enjoy the drills and the games. We would definitely recommend the camp and will be continuing and adding Julian's younger brother". - Chiefalo family. 

 "Diego Maradona Academy has given Aiden the skills to successfully compete on and off the field.  He has shown improvements in flexibility and cardiovascular ability. Aiden has also learned to balance school, health and soccer time.  Thank you for making him a happy, healthy and confident boy."     - Gina Di Genova 

 "Ustedes han dado mucha alegria a muchos niños todas estas semanas, y a veces uno como padre no sabe como agradecerles, y  hussein y yo estamos muy contentos por encontrar un lugar seguro y donde Zahith  puede sacar provecho de las enseñanzas de Diego, si fuera por Zahith pudiera dormiria con un ballon de futboll , jajaj, yo creo que los otros padres piensan lo mismo que nosotros respecto a ustedes;  de nuevo muchas gracias!" - Eliana 

 "Today Adam had an exhibition game wanted to tell you because of your training on shooting he scored 7 goals.  He had 3 bullet shots in top corner and can you believe it even a header and two beautiful tap ins from a cross.  Thanks for your great training was just incredible to see today!"  - Boris Kaminsky 


 “My kicks with my left foot have got so much stronger. I like my trainer because he is so nice.” Joseph  

 “It is really fun and I enjoy it very much. I especially like learning keep-ups.” Rosa 

 “It is fun and I like my trainer because he is nice.” Andrew 

 “I like my trainer because he teach me to do soccer.” Stefano